Friday party at Cirque du Soir


VIP Circus party 

If you see the eye-catching entrance that calls all attention of the people around and the most glamorous crowd, which waiting  patiently to get inside - without any doubt, it is friday party at Cirque du Soir.  Cirque du Soir is not just a chic nightclub, it is the way more. Very unique, very Moulin Rouge and very very selective - all that we can say about this venue.

Cirque du Soir Party

Friday party at Cirque du Soir is live circus show, incorporating magicians and acrobats - worth to see!  Once you lucky to get inside this amazing club - the carnival begins! The best DJ's, most exotic cocktails and the most beautiful people of London - all that about famous friday party at Cirque du Soir. Are you ready for your best night?

Put on your best outfit and hopefully you can be a part of the best crazy circus VIP party!  Dont miss friday party at Cirque du Soir and let you friends jealous!

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