Funky Buddha ladies dress code


Funky Buddha Dress Code

Funky Buddha is one of the most popular and well known clubs in London and loved by celebrities, super models and London's privileged class. At Funky Buddha you will always find an A-list clientele dancing the night away to the rythm of the best mix of Funky, Soul and RnB music. Through out the years Funky Buddha has mantained a reputation of bringing you a night of exclusive luxury, sophistication and style!

Funky Buddha LondonFunky Buddha London

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As you might expect, only well dressed people are allowed to get in. Most of the clubs in London have the same dress code. What do we mean by dress code? The rules and standards the club has regarding clothing. In this case the dress code is "smart and sexy". At the end of the day, it is always up to the doorman's discretion, so make sure you respect it to avoid disappointment. 

Funky Buddha Dress Code

The dress code at Funky Buddha is strictly applied; sportswear is not allowed. Find below a few tips and advices. 

The main secret of Funky Buddha's ladies dress code is - you have to look bright and sexy! A short shiny sexy dress will be perfect for a VIP evening at Funky Buddha; it will be impossible to go unnoticed in such outfit! If you prefer a more casual look, you can put on elegant black dress or sexy shorts, but ALWAYS wear high heels. It is defintely a must! ;)

Dress Code Funky Buddha

Regarding Funky Buddha's gents dress code, we suggest you play it safe wearing decently fitting jeans, nice shoes, a collared shirt, and / or pair your t-shirt with a nice jacket or sport’s coat. Remember that sportswear is NOT allowed: baggy jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, cut offs, capris, jerseys .... The door manager is the one that decides who comes into the club and who doesn’t. If you want to enjoy your VIP night without any problem it’s better to stick to the dress code. Join Lux Guest List and get ready for a truly memorable clubbing experience!

For guest lists, table booking and info regarding Funky Buddha's dress code:

• Call/Whatsapp: 07775092749 

• Or send us an email at

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