Saturday party at Movida


Party for the VIP

Movida is the most popular club in West End. Everyone knows this exclusive venue and everyone wants to party there but not everyone can efford it.  It is very posh and VIP club and it is impossible to get in if your name not in a Guest list. Saturday party at Movida attracts celebrities, super models and London's upper class. Do you want to be a part of this VIP party?

Movida Party

Movida has everything for rich & famous people - special glamorous atmoshpere, VIP rooms, great cocktail list and amazing DJs. There are two main sectors - Mood and Movida, where you can enjoy your night. Mood is  a luxury lounge bar, where you can start your party with good cocktail. Then you can continue in Movida area with huge amazing dance floor and the DJ booth. Saturday party at  Movida is the best time to check out this part of Movida club.

If you love party surrounded by the best VIP crowd - Saturday party at Movida is the best time for have a great crazy night! Put on your best outfit and enjoy saturday party at Movida!



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