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  • November 2018 London Events

    November 2018 London Events

    Friday, 12 of October of 2018

    London's calendar is extremely busy all year long. Even though November in London equals longer evenings and chillier days, it shouldn't be an excuse to hole up at home. 

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  • Cocktails, Drinks & Calories

    Cocktails, Drinks & Calories

    Friday, 03 of August of 2018

    Have you ever wondered how many calories has your favorite drink or cocktail? Well, we are here to answer your question and clarify any doubts on which are the "healthier" ones. ;)

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  • Drake Now Has More No. 1 Hits Than Any Rapper Ever

    Drake Now Has More No. 1 Hits Than Any Rapper Ever

    Saturday, 14 of July of 2018

    It's no surprise for no one that Drake has absolutely owns the Hot 100 chart. Currently, his Scorpion viral smash, “In My Feelings,” is number one on the list after previously sitting at sixth. Scorpion shattered streaming records over its first 24 hours, with the Associated Press reporting totals of 170 million streams on Apple Music and another 132 million on Spotify. 

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  • The Leake Street Arches

    The Leake Street Arches

    Saturday, 23 of June of 2018

    If you're looking for an interesting and different proposal of food, art, and entertainment this summer 2018, head down to Leake Street Arches in Waterloo Station. Eight former railway arches next to the famous Graffiti Tunnel have been brought back to life to provide a curated collection of independent London restaurants and London bars that capture the essence of urban culture.

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  • Best Summer Destinations

    Best Summer Destinations

    Monday, 11 of June of 2018

    It's that time of the year again ... the very anticipated summer days are here! European summer days are best filled with gelato, beach swims, road trips, island sailing and of course, lots of summery drinks and partying!

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  • Best Promotions Team at the London Club & Bar Awards 2018

    Best Promotions Team at the London Club & Bar Awards 2018

    Tuesday, 05 of June of 2018


    We are extremely proud to announce we made it again! We won as "Best Promotions" team 2018 at the London Club & Bar Awards! It is the third time that we win this award and what we can say is that this is just the beginning of our new brand! 

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  • London Sound Academy: London’s Number One DJ School

    London Sound Academy: London’s Number One DJ School

    Wednesday, 16 of May of 2018

    300 Five Star Facebook Reviews Can’t Be Wrong - Why London Sound Academy is London’s Number One DJ School.

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  • Unusual London Cocktails

    Unusual London Cocktails

    Monday, 23 of April of 2018

    Fancy a drink with a twist? Some cocktail bars in London go above and beyond to create the most sensational and out of the box cocktails that have to be seen to be believed. We've rounded up the most peculiar cocktails in the capital that you must try at least once in your life.

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