Busta Rhymes & Black Eyed Peas at Project

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Address: 78 Wells Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 3QL

For those of you who don’t know, Project is a high-end nightclub located in Fitzrovia, London. Described as glamorous, stylish and decadent, Project attracts a super elite clientele including supermodels and celebrities. Over the years, Project has seen some of the biggest nights in London and remains the club of choice of the privileged class. 

This past Tuesday, Sept 27th we witnessed another EPIC night at this exclusive club with a live performance of the legendary American rapper, Busta Rhymes!

Busta Rhymes Project London

Busta Rhymes performing at Project London

Busta Rhymes is the most popular and legendary rapper around and is known as one of the most inventive personalities in the rap game! A former member of successful rap group Leaders of the New School, Born Trevor Taheim Smith Jr., he has the most flavorful, unique, uptempo-lyrical rapping style of all times. He is responsible for giving the Hip-Hop entertainment songs that have and will transcend through time such as "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”,  "Break Ya Neck”, and "Gimmie Some More". 

As expected the club was packed and the crowd went totally crazy with Busta Rhymes appearance. 

Busta Rhymes Crowd Project

But, Busta Rhymes wasn't the only famous face in the house! Some members of the Black Eyed Peas were also spotted partying the night away and enjoying the epic performance! This night will definitely be remembered!

Black Eyes Peas Project London

 will.i.am & Taboo from The Black Eyes Peas

Black Eyes Peas Project London

We must also add that the champagne popping went on all night long! Those who were lucky enough to pass through Project's doors truly experienced an unforgettable night!

Bottle Show Project London

Do we need to say more?! Join our guest list for Project and dance the night away surrounded by an amazing and fashionable crowd! Remember to take your credit card with you!


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