Club Aura Whisky Mist

Shine bright tonight

The most gorgeous night clubs, beautiful people and craziest parties you may find only in London. The incredible mix of trendy music and chic atmoshpere would never let you sleep all night long!

Whisky Mist Party

In the famous Club Aura and Whisky Mist it is possible to find the wildest parties ever. These fashionable clubs are definitely "must go" for every "party monster" of London. If you love to be surronded by famous and beautiful people - you would love parties in Club Aura and Whisky Mist, which are favorite clubs of PussyCat Dolls and Chelsea footballers.

Glamorous interior decor and extensive menu of Wines and Champagne for you to enjoy the party with friends. If you are ready for the craziest night,  you would definitely feel VIP in Club Aura and Whisky Mist. The guests of these posh places are music stars, people from fashion world and royalty which without any doubt, make Club Aura and Whisky Mist one of the best clubs of London. Enjoy your exclusive party with Lux Guest list!