Club Chinawhite

Looking for Exotica?

There is no such other place in London loke the most chic Club Chinawhite. Have you  heard about this glamorous venue? All the fashion lovers already been hear, now its your turn! 

Club Chinawhite an elaborate and decadent tribute to the principals of Feng Shui. The oriental styles of Bali, Java and Sumatra are fused with teatrical flair that owes much to the influences of ballet , theatre and film. The tables are spacious and have a wide booth-style  seating. In Club Chinawhite you may enjoy progressive mix of funky house and RnB with a few retro classics thrown.

Chinawhite party

Club Chinawhite  is "must go" for all trendy people in London. This chic venue is impressive itself and very unique. If once you have been there , you would definitely become a fan of Club Chinawhite.

If you love party with your own privite space or have to celebrate some special event - Club Chinawhite has a very original and glamorous VIP room where you may chill with friends and try the best cocktails of this exotic place.