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London is very famous for its amazing nightlife. Without any doubt, you may find the best places to party and have a memorable night with your friends. The VIP clubbers, celebrities and super models love to party in the most exclusive clubs of London. If you want to party surrounded by famous people, you would definitely enjoy a VIP table booking. With London table booking, you and your friend will have a VIP night in the best London clubs.

VIP Tables

With London table booking you can book your VIP table for London's top clubs.

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If you are looking for a very chic club to party in style, Cafe de Paris, Libertine and Drama are the best places to choose.The ambience of these posh venues is very elegant. Lux VIP table booking provides the opportunity to book your table only for 500 pounds for a standart table and 1K pounds for the VIP. In Cirque le Soir, Tape and Toy Room you may party in the VIP area with celebrities only for 1K pounds. 

With Lux  VIP table booking you can have a VIP table only for 500 pounds in the most exotic club of London - Mahiki. The atmosphere of this special venue is very different from other places.

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