Movida table booking

Party with the Stars!

Movida club is one of the most popular places in West End. This stylish venue has a perfect combination of bar, restaurant and nightclub. All the celebrities and super models love to party in Movida, so its definitely the VIP club. With Movida table booking you gonna have an oppotunity to party with the Stars!

Movida party

This chic club has 2 main sections - Mood and Movida. If you prefer more relaxing area, Mood is a place where you can chill with friends and try very tasty cocktails. In Movida section you may find huge dance floor and the DJ booth. Aslo Movida club has VIP areas, if you like to party with super models and the most beautiful people of London. With Movida table booking you gonna have a special night full of surprices! Just use the option Movida table booking and have your Standart table only for 500 pounds spend min. and VIP for 1000 pounds spend min. ( up to 10 people).

Movida table booking will definitely make your night unique and full of luxure!