Price Drury club

The Dury club is a very posh, glamorous and unique venue situated on the earth of Covent Garden in Drury Lane Street.

Drury club is a real exclusive and uncommon place due to his interior decoration which is a mix between two different and quite opposite style, the posh, chic and classy Parisian style and the urban and modern New York Syle.

The crowd at Drury club is composed by models, celebrities, good looking people in resume an A list clientele, who are ready to danced all night long with a the very great mix of HipHop and R&B music !

Now if you wondering what is the price for a table, the entry i'm here to explain that !

For the entry guys have to paid 20£, for ladies it's free before 11 p.m after they have to pay 20£. For a normal table the minimum spend is 750£ in drinks/bottles and for VIP tables is between 1.5k £ and 2K £.

Now grab your phone and call us for an awesome party with LUX GUEST LIST !

For Drury Club Guest List and VIP table booking call us at 07775092749 / BBM: 2A0C093

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