The Cuckoo Door Policy


The Cuckoo Door Policy

the cuckoo club

The Cuckoo it's a club totally different of what you have ever seen, with an amazing decoration and ambient this club have become a reference in London nightlife. But what about their door policy? Continue reading If want to be aware of this important point.

The cuckoo club guest list

The Cuckoo is the dreamed club. It has two floors full of colors, amazing decoration and an atmosphere that has to be seen to believe it. There isn't another club like this for the best party!

Y ou must be aware of the door policy that includes some important points like the minimum age you must have to enter to this club. The door policy about this is very important and you won't be able to enter If you don't meet that condition.

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Another point you must consider about the door policy at The Cuckoo is the dress code so get ready and explore your closet to create the best outfit for the best night out!

VIP crowd the Cuckoo club london

At this nightclub the most VIP crowd comes, so what's why the door policy here it's very strict and with no choices. A lot of  celebrities love to party here such as Rihanna or Lindsay Lohan! 

Be a part of this dreamed night out at The Cuckoo but be aware of the door policy.

vip crowd the cuckoo club

Now you're aware of the door policy at The Cuckoo so don't hesitate and join in our guest list!

For more info about door policy:

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