VIP for Press Nightclub

Press Nightclub

Adress47 Whitcomb Street WC2H 7DH London, UK

VIP Press Nightclub is a club which is totally different from other clubs in London. Press Nightclub VIP is located in the heart of Piccadilly, area where you’ll find the hottest and most exclusive clubs in London.


VIP Press Nightclub is a new private club.
The target of this club is to build a venue that could satisfy the most demanding clientele !!
Press Night Club is a very exclusive club, so it is necessary to be a guest list or VIP book a table to enter.

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VIP Press Nightclub played a great mix of HipHop and R&B so if you want to danced all night long The VIP Press Nightclub is made for you ! VIP Press Nightclub knew how to create their own crazy ambiance .
Now it's a hotspot in London !


Thanks to its professional service and its atmosphere, VIP Press Nightclub is without any doubt a good venue to spend a really unforgettable night.
If you prefer a more intimate and exclusive atmosphere you can book a VIP table. This is a very comfortable place that is reserved for the elite or VIP clubbers !

Press NightclubPress Nightclub

So go ahead and join us to celebrate. Put your best outfits, be chic, glamorous and elegant and be the star of the evening ! You will not be disappointed !

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